About Us

A brief history of Goldingham Contracts Ltd & Agricultural Supply Services


Goldingham Contracts started out of the ashes of WMF Contracts Dept. I’d learned my craft at West Mid for previous 17 years, starting in their Seeds deptartment (1974), & age 27 quickly moving onto running the Contract Services dept. However in the long run always having greater ambitions. A brilliant training ground!
With a wife, 3 month old baby daughter, a large mortgage & even bigger overdraft (borrowed against my farm) - started our business!
We started with 1 x 2nd Hand Mobile Seed Cleaner, 3 Pest Control staff & liquid Fertiliser agency.

I soon discovered how willing farmers are to work with us – As a small Business - provided what we offered is what is needed.
Our 1st year sales exceeded my budgets by 15% - £220,000.
Special thanks go to Alistair Powell (seed cleaning), Chris Edmunds + Richard Thompson (Pest Control) who’ve been with us since the beginning!


Bought John Hill’s, Ledbury Mobile Seed Cleaning business.
Scrapped their machine, replaced with another 2nd Hand West unit.


Set about replacing these with 2 new Mobiles as tonnage rose.


Farm Assurance schemes began. During our Winter conference at RAC I realised, we might help farmers source Protected lights, Insect traps, Moisture Meters, + was approached about Crop Cooling Pedestals.
Demand for our Pest control services rose rapidly.


Bought 'Agricultural Supply Services' - annual turnover £40K. Instantly we became a national company supplying equipment. Attending Cereals & LAMMA
Our sales rose rapidly. We are No2 in our field.


We went Ltd, freeing up cash to rebuild Mobile Seed Cleaners.


We built Windmill Barn – which is working really well for us.
Nov/Dec’15 Former Dennis Cox ‘Mobile’ Seed Cleaning customers started calling us to do Spring work, so we built a further Mobile - taking us to 3.


An additional member of staff, Joel, came to run the additional mobile & help further expand our Agricultural Supply Services.
Our turnover this year will be about £1.5M. 7 times that of 1991.

BUT - This is only possible because we have so many excellent farmer customers.
Without you & our excellent staff none of this would be possible!

So a Big Thank You!

Charles Goldingham - CEO
Agricultural Supply Services