About Us

A brief history of Goldingham Contracts Ltd & Agricultural Supply Services


Goldingham Contracts started out of the ashes of West Midland Farmers Contracts Department. Charles learned his craft at West Mid for 17 years, starting in their seeds department in 1974 and, aged 27, he quickly moved onto running the contract services department. This was a brilliant training ground, however, he had greater ambitions!

With a wife, 3 month old daughter, a large mortgage and an even bigger overdraft Goldingham Contracts was born.
The business began with one second hand mobile seed cleaner, 3 pest control staff and liquid fertiliser agency.


Farm Assurance schemes began. During the winter conference at RAC Charles realised he could help farmers source the various products they needed to comply with the scheme- Protected lights, Insect traps and Moisture Meters, he was then approached about supplying Crop Cooling Pedestals.


Charles bought Agricultural Supply Services. This fitted in well with the existing range of products being sold by Goldingham Contracts. Instantly the business became a national company supplying equipment to farmers and attending the large agricultural shows such as Cereals & LAMMA


In 2014 the business had started to outgrow the current office, so plans were put in place to build a new office at Windmill Barn in Whitminster to allow for expansion with the move taking place the following year.


To allow for the extra work taken on, an additional member of staff, Joel, came to run the new mobile seed cleaner and help further expand the Agricultural Supply Services business


To Celebrate 30 years - Goldingham Contracts Ltd + 20 years - Agricultural Supply Services - on Thursday Dec 2nd, we will be holding a Conference at/near our offices for regular Clients. It will Feature speakers help understand Soil Health, Carbon Footprint & where our kit helps minimise farm emissions. Joel Westaway is now key account Manager for Perten Moisture Meter (we supply) and has been succeeded by Chris Bullen.

Charles Goldingham - CEO
Agricultural Supply Services