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Basic Compost kit

Basic Compost kit

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Basic Compost kit

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Measure Compost - CO2 + NH3

The Solvita compost maturity test is a unique procedure using two test probes to simultaneously measure CO2 and NH3, the two most prominent gases indicating activity and stability of compost.

This test is widely-recognized worldwide for validating compost maturity.

This easy-to-use application requires a small sample placed in the incubation jars and the results are read after 4-hrs of exposure. The basic kit offers a Solvita colour chart to determine the level of activity from which a Maturity Index is calculated using guidelines provided in the manual.

Note: For more accurate readings and uploading into computer files, we recommend the Solvita Digital Colour Reader (DCR).


 Included in the test kit package are:

  • Incubation jars, lids and gas-tight gaskets
  • 6 High-CO2 detector probes
  • 6 Ammonia detector probes
  • Colour Chart for reading CO2 and NH3 results
  • Instruction Manual with interpretation guide
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