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Basic Manure Test kit

Basic Manure Test kit

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Basic Manure Test kit

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Measure Manure - NH3 Respiration

Manures and organic-fertilizers can be unstable with high concentrations of free-ammonia, posing volatization and potential Nitrogen-loss. The Solvita Ammonia-N test is a simple and unique bio-chemical test which directly measures the volatized fraction. The test has also been used to measure volatile litter in animal facilities to reduce health effects.

This field application requires only a small of amount of fresh manure or litter or moist organic fertilizer placed in the presence of a Solvita ammonia detector probe, which captures the ammonia within 4-hrs. The test can be extended to 24-hrs to assess slow N-loss. Range of NH3-N detection is from 300 – 30,000 ppm.

Included in the test kit package are:

  • 6 NH3 (ammonia) detector probes
  • 6 Incubation jars (plastic), lids and gas-tight gaskets
  • 1 Color Chart for reading NH3 results
  • 1 Instruction Manual with interpretation guide

What are the reasons for testing manure?

Ammonia escapes from manure and compost as a colourless and noxious gas. Solvita readily quantifies the presence and magnitude. The most important reasons are:

1) Ammonia is a major pathway for nitrogen loss from composts and manures and measuring it can lead to improved N-content in the products.

2) Ammonia is a noxious agent in animal facilities and buildings and testing can help reduce harmful effects on animals and workers.

3) Residual ammonia in compost products poses a threat for plant seedlings growth and can be readily managed after test results by Solvita.


How does Solvita work?

Solvita Ammonia is a one-of-a-kind test able to distinguish free ammonia (NH3) from non-volatile ammonium (NH4) and show it visually. The test is effective over a very wide range of ammonia levels. Ammonia is related to sister compound ammonium by pH factors. Solvita successfully exploits this to distinguish the two compounds from each other.

How is Solvita ammonia different from other tests?

Most lab methods that determine “ammonium” (NH4) (often incorrectly referred to as “ammonia” – NH3) are actually unable to distinguish which form is present since common extraction processes convert NH3 into ammonium. Solvita distinguishes the free radical distinct from non-volatile ammonium ion. Because of the way Solvita detects the volatile NH3 there are virtually no interference in the test procedure.

What is Ammonia?

Ammonia in nature is a breakdown product of protein and urea (CH4N2O). It forms readily in freshly voided urine and faeces, but also arises wherever significant forms of protein and amines are presenting in decaying organic matter or from fertilizer. Manure and soil bacteria possess the enzyme urease, which catalyzes conversion of urea into ammonia and a carbon dioxide molecule. Ammonia dissolves in the presence of water to form ammonium as follows: NH3 + H2O = NH4 + OH. The relative quantity of each species will be dictated by the pH of the substrate and is based on the pK of NH3, which is 9.3

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