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Casella Airflow Meter

Casella Airflow Meter

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Casella Airflow Meter

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Airflow meter to measure the ventilation rates through grain stored on a ventilated drying floor.


but Cassella repair kits available, please ring for further details

Ventilated grain ensures that the moisture content of the stored grain is kept within a safe limit by the steady flow of air through the grain.

The Casella Airflow Meter for grain is an essential instrument for the successful storage of grain in bulk. It is used during the drying of grain using blowing fans to confirm that there is an adequate flow of air from the surface of the grain. It is used during grain drying to confirm that there is an adequate flow of air at the grain surface.
How do I know I have sufficient airflow?

Your drier manufacturer should advise you & compare with the incremental measurement on the Casella.

Can it be used for Low Volume ventilation?

No – the Casella Airflow Meter is designed for use on high volume drying floors. If there is insufficient airflow to lift the float on a low volume ventilation system.

The wire and float have been damaged. Can it be repaired?

Yes – We can supply a repair kit
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