CropCool Wireless

CropCool™ Wireless Differential Temperature Controller

CropCool Wireless offers a bespoke solution to grain store monitoring and fan control.

The modular system allows CropCool Wireless to be designed around your needs.

From simple monitoring to fully automated fan control - CropCool Wireless is the perfect option.
CropCool™ Wireless Differential Temperature Controller

CropCool™ Wireless can automate pedestal and ventilation fans to suit grain storage requirements by; CropCool™ Wireless Differential Temperature Controller
  • Differential Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Time
  • Zone
CropCool™ Wireless improves fan control for optimum crop cooling and conditioning in up to eight separate zones. This is particularly helpful for larger grain stores or multiple grain stores. Temperatures can be viewed on a farm-office computer or remotely in an off site office etc.

Store Monitoring

CropCool™ Wireless can operate as a store monitoring system to monitor store data quickly and easily.
  • Closed system- does not rely on internet.
  • Subscription not necessary
  • Grain Temperature and moisture
  • Air Temperature and Humidity
  • Also works with Silos/bins
  • Option to export data to web-i.e. remote stores.
  • Data Logging Capability
CropCool™ Wireless Most CropCool™ Wireless monitoring systems will comprise:
  • 2m. Fibreglass Wireless Grain Temperature probes (Long battery life)
  • USB Dongle to receive signals onto PC
  • Wireless Repeaters if needed (mains)
  • CropCool™ Sitemap Software to view temperatures on PC
More advanced CropCool™ Wireless monitoring and control Systems can include: -
  • RH Sensors – Air and or Crop moisture
  • Multi-zone fan Control- automatic temperature differential control and RH control.
  • Data Logging Unit with broadband/cellular connection for remote monitoring
  • Access to all Historical Data since system installed

Example CropCool™ Wireless Systems

Example 1: - Monitoring only- 2000Tonne Grain store / 24 Pedestals / 1 Sensor per 300Tonne approx.
  • 6 x CropCool™ Wireless Temperature probes
  • 1 x Wireless USB Dongle + and Sitemap Software and, if required:
    • 1 x Repeater (e.g. to hop to nearby farm office)
Example 2: - Monitoring and Fan Control- 2x 2000Tonne Grain Stores on One Farmstead
  • 12 x CropCool Wireless Temperature probes
  • 2 Zone Controller and fan starting system
  • 2 x Repeaters (e.g. to hop to nearby farm office)
  • 1 x Wireless USB Dongle + and Sitemap Software and, if required:
    • Cellular/Broadband Connection for remote monitoring (e.g. from an off-site office)

How many CropCool™ Wireless Grain Temperature Probes are needed?
One normally placed centrally between four pedestals in a square pattern, one between two floor ducts, or 300Tonne app. (or adjust number to personal preference)

Can I use CropCool Wireless for either ‘Monitoring’ or ‘Control’ Only?
Yes – the system is completely modular with all components compatible with each other. A bespoke system can be created to suit you needs, be it monitoring, fan control or both.

Can I start by just ‘Monitoring’ only or ‘Control’ only & upgrade to Control later if it suits me?
Yes the system is infinitely flexible

Can I add more stores to the system?
Yes at any time