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Davis Weatherlink Dataloggers
Davis Weatherlink Dataloggers Davis Weatherlink Dataloggers Davis Weatherlink Dataloggers Davis Weatherlink Dataloggers

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Davis Weatherlink Dataloggers

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Access, store and graph your data with the Davis WeatherLink Datalogger on PC and App.
Add a Weatherlink Datalogger to your Vantage Vue/Vantage Pro2 console, and view data on your PC with WeatherLink Computer Software (included) or online at WeatherLink.com and WeatherLink Mobile Apps (iOS and Android).

The Weatherlink Datalogger fits neatly into the back of your weather station console and connects to a PC via USB cable or serial port.

Weatherlink USB/Serial Datalogger- The data from the weather station is stored in the logger at set intervals even when not connected to a PC, then is downloaded once the PC is running. The data is displayed and graphed on the software and can be stored long term. When the PC is running data can be viewed live.

With an optional annual subscription data can be streamed to the Weatherlink.com network allowing your weather information to be viewed from a smartphone app or internet enabled PC.

 The data can be viewed on the weatherlink.com website or on smartphone app, as well as being displayed and graphed on the supplied weatherlink PC software. If network connection is lost, the weather data is stored on the datalogger until connection is re-established.

Technical specifications
  • Contents include software CD
  • Weatherlink USB Datalogger 
  • 1.8 metre USB cable (USB Datalogger) or Serial Port Cable
  • System requirements are Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7- 10.
Also available in Serial and Mac OS USB versions.
Does my computer have to be running 24/7 to log the data?

No, the datalogger will store the weather data up to 6 months depending on the logging interval. This is then downloaded whenever the computer software is running.

 I want to view the data from the WeatherLink network and on my smartphone but have not got a computer to connect the USB data logger to?

We can supply a WeatherLink IP datalogger. This is similar to the USB model but connects via a Cat5 Network cable direct to your broadband router to continually export live data to the WeatherLink network. This can then be viewed from WeatherLink .com or from the WeatherLink app. The IP Datalogger does not require a subscription. Please contact us for more information.

I want to mount my weather station in a field remote to my office, is it possible to remotely view the data?

Yes, we can supply a Vantage Connect unit, this will export readings over the mobile data network to be viewed on WeatherLink .com or on a smartphone app. Please contact us for more information.
Download the WeatherLink Manual (PDF, 754KB - opens in new window)
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