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Dickey John Compaction Tester

Dickey John Compaction Tester
Dickey John Compaction Tester Dickey John Compaction Tester Dickey John Compaction Tester

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Dickey John Compaction Tester

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The "industry standard" penetrometer.

This robust soil compaction tester made in the USA by Dickey John gives a precise and easy measurement of your soil compaction profile.
By simply pushing the tester into the ground at different locations, this convenient, practical tool will help you find problem areas that can inhibit root growth and reduce yields. Just check the gauge to find readings of the pressure required to penetrate your soil. Comes with 2 Tip Sizes for soft and firm soils.

Compaction causes serious problems on many soils:
  • Require up to 90% more power (& more fuel) to till
  • Cause poor root development and big yield reduction
  • Causes poor natural water movement and uptake
  • Poor Fertiliser & Pesticide utilisation

Technical specifications
  • Scale:0-500psi with colour coded scale to highlight compaction issues
  • Tip sizes:3/4” for soft soil and ½” for firm soils
  • Graduated marks from 3”-24” to indicate depth
Why should I choose the Dickey-John?

It's been available for a long time & has a proven track record of reliability & robustness.

Why should I choose the more expensive Dickey-John?

Most Arable Agronomists & those in the Amenity Industry will use the Dickey-John. For ideal comparison (Arable Farmers etc) its better to use the same model. If on the other hand you do your own assessments without reference to 'others', such as Grassland Farmers, the lower cost Agreto may suit you very well.
Download the Dickey John Compaction Tester Manual (PDF, 111KB - opens in new window)
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