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DM15 pH Meter

DM15 pH Meter

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DM15 pH Meter

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A budget lightweight version of our popular DM5 pH meter
A useful tool for assisting with lime spreading requirements and for an instant check to assess problem pHs.

This analogue tester uses the negative/positive charge in the soil clay particles, so requires no corroding batteries.

Any field pH meter should be backed up by laboratory testing where more precise readings are required. Due to huge variations in soil types, moisture levels etc., we have not found any reason to replace DM-5 with more advanced digital pH meters.

Technical specifications
  • Scale : pH 3½ - 8/moisture 0-100%
  • Accuracy : 10%
  • Size/weight : 160 x 50 mm/170grams
Comes with instructions
Download the DM15 pH Meter Manual (PDF, 77KB - opens in new window)
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