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Easi-Way Profesional Hectolitre Weigher

Easi-Way Profesional Hectolitre Weigher

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Easi-Way Profesional Hectolitre Weigher

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Laboratory standard Hectolitre Weighing kit for accurate results.
The Easi-Way Hectolitre Weight kit is a laboratory instrument calibrated to the new British Standard, BS EN ISO 7971-2:2009 for use as a routine measuring instrument, and comprises; an engineered, stainless steel measuring tube (chondrometer), electronic digital balance (battery or mains operated), sample container, falling weight, cut off slide and reference chart.

The grain is allowed to fall into the lower chamber of the chondrometer under the restriction of a falling weight, which is a standard operation at all times. The grain is weighed on the balance and the weight in grams is converted at a glance to Hectolitre weight via the calibration chart supplied.
In what circumstances should I consider the Easi-Way?

If for example you wish to be extra certain your grain is of a certain Hectolitre Weight for Sale purposes, or wishing to assess value when 'In-taking' Grain from other sources.

Does Easi-Way comply to Weights & Measures?

Yes, if the Calibrations have been kept fully up-to-date.

How does accuracy compare to my farmer level Moisture Meter?

Easi-way is likely to be more accurate than typical farmer level Moisture Meters.
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