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Evolution Fan
Evolution Fan

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Evolution Fan

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The Evolution Fan has a brushless motor and backward curved impeller fan, which only uses 30% of the power of the VBW8 - but moves the same amount of air.

The Evolution fan has changed the way grain is cooled using pedestal ventilation. Featuring a built-in differential temperature controller which allows you to set the fan up by turning a dial, it also has a state of the art brushless motor so you can plug it in, walk away and leave it to run on only 30% of the power used by the most popular alternative. Weighs 16kg and has built in carry handles making it much easier to move around the store.

Not only does it feature a built-in differential temperature control unit, it also produces the equivalent airflow of a 1.1kw fan unit for only 30% of the power consumption. Weighing only 16kg and with three integral carrying handles, the Evolution fan is also much easier to move around the store

The Evolution fan has an easy to use controller which allows you to set a differential temperature simply by turning a dial. Sensors will then detect when the outside air temperature is cool enough to be effectively cooling the crop, it will then switch itself on and off accordingly.

Fits 150mm top pipe.

The Ultimate Energy Saving Grain Fan:

Only grain fan with built in differential temperature control
Set a differential temperature, sensors detect when the ambient temperature is cool enough to effectively condition the crop

Ultra reliable motor
Rated 40,000 running hours

3 in built handles
Easy to move

Uses 70% less power than 1.1kw fan
Efficient grain store management

Reduced energy consumption
Lower running costs

Optimum crop conditioning
Plug in and leave the fan in control

What is the advantage of the Evolution Fan over the VBW8?

The Evolution Fan brushless motor saves 67% of the power requirement as it incorporates its own Independent Differential Controller which may suit farmers with 
  • The need for one Fan only, or
  • Those with a limited Power supply, or
  • Where the additional cost is more than offset by the power savings.
How many fans do I need?

The following is a rough guide only - the number of fans depends on outside Temperatures, Weather conditions & part of the country

VBW7 - one fan per 250t of stored crop
VBW8 - one fan per 250-300t of stored crop
VBW9 - one fan per 400-450t of stored crop
Evolution - one fan per 250-300t of stored crop
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