Extension Leads

We supply extension leads to suit all of our fans, Single or Three phase. These can be supplied in 10, 20, 30, 40 meters and we can make custom leads.
Please contact us for more information.

Using the correct size extension lead to run your fans is the key to ensuring longevity. Pedestal fans are prone to low voltage burnout when they are run on inadequately sized extension leads.

Long extension leads using too small a core size increases the resistance on the system and thus the voltage. This low voltage on start-up can do damage over time and will eventually lead to a burnt out motor. The minimum core size suitable to run our 1.1Kw single phase fans is 2.5mm for distances of up to 40m

Technical specifications
  • 13amp 1ph extensions (10-40m) 2.5mm 3core with RCD plug and socket
  • 16amp 1ph extensions (10-50m) 2.5mm or 4mm 3core with 16amp plug and socket
  • 16amp 3ph extensions (10-50m) 2.5mm 3 core with 16amp plug and socket
  • Bespoke 1ph and 3ph available with a wide variety of connections, please contact us for details


Why can I not purchase cheaper Extension leads from our local supplier?

This may be possible, however its really important to make sure the cables are thick enough to deliver the full amount of power required for the length & fans sizes (& their condition) you are using? Cables of insufficient thickness are often the cause of Motors burning out. Cable Thicknesses are usually stated in the Fan Instructions