F200 Platemeter

Plate Meters for Measuring Grass Cover in Pasture used for Dairy and Sheep Grazing. Buy our popular F200 Platemeter today
Plate Meters for Measuring Grass Cover in Pasture used for Dairy and Sheep Grazing. Buy our popular F200 Platemeter today Plate Meters for Measuring Grass Cover in Pasture used for Dairy and Sheep Grazing. Buy our popular F200 Platemeter today Plate Meters for Measuring Grass Cover in Pasture used for Dairy and Sheep Grazing. Buy our popular F200 Platemeter today

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F200 Platemeter

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The F200 is our most popular platemeter, this entry level Digital Platemeter is simple to use and displays average height and KgDM/ha.

The F200 comes with the PPlus PastureCovers software to record and display figures and grazing wedge data on your PC.

Unsure which Platemeter is right for you?
The F200 Platemeter uses an electronic digital counter unit to record the grass height and number of plonks. A formula (user adjustable) is used to display the Average grass yield in KgDM/ha. The figures are entered into the PPlus software to display the grazing wedge of the farm walk. 

The F200 is powered by a re-chargeable battery for ease of use and comes with a mains charger.

Does the F200 store the readings?

The F200 will display the last reading taken until the unit is reset ready for the next field to be measured. If you want to store the paddock readings for downloading to the PPlus software rather than having to write them down, then have a look at our F300, F400 or EC20 platemeters.

Can I use the F200 With Agrinet?

Yes, the figures from the F200 can be entered directly into Agrinet rather than using the PPlus software that comes with the Platemeter.

I am a little confused by the different names appearing on the same Platemeters, please will you explain?

 The ‘F’ Range appeared early 2000s as ‘Farmworks’, bought out by Aghub, & most recently the new owners are GPSIT (since 2017). As the UK + EU importers from New Zealand, we are very pleased with the new owners, GPSIT, an agricultural technology company.
Download the F200 Platemeter Manual (PDF, 352KB - opens in new window)

Download the Platemeter Service Request Form (Word, 16KB - opens in new window)
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Which Platemeter is right for me?

All our platemeters work on the same principle; the plate sits on top of the grass sword and the shaft falls to the ground level measuring the height of the sward as well as taking the density into account.

F75 Manual Platemeter

The F75 platemeter is the entry level model; the height is measured by two mechanical counter units, with the figures recorded in a suitable notebook before and after walking the paddock. Using a simple formula can be converted into KgDM /ha. Some users use an excel spreadsheet to assist.

F200 Electronic Platemeter

The F200 platemeter is our most popular model. This plate meter uses and electronic counter to register the height. The counter then uses an adjustable formula to display the KgDM/ha figure on the screen. The display shows a rolling average figure- the average over the total number of plonks in the paddock. At the end of the field this figure is recorded in a notebook etc. and the electronic counter is reset to zero ready for the next field. Once all the fields are walked, the figures can be entered into the Free PC software (provided) once back in the office.

F300 Electronic Platmeter with USB Download

The F300 platemeter works on the same principal as the F200, however there is no need to write the figures down once a field is measured. The F300 utilises a basic memory that allows the readings to be stored and downloaded via USB cable into the Free PC software once the farm walk is complete.

The F300 memory can store up to 100 paddocks of data. The walk order has to be pre-set on the PC software before the fields are measured.

F400 Advanced Electronic Platemeter with USB Download

The F400 platemeter offers many extra features over the other models. The simple to use display allows the user to scroll through the list of, and select, whichever paddock they want to measure. There is no need to pre-set the walk order on the PC. Once the farm walk is complete, the readings are downloaded by USB cable to the PC based software.

The F400 also offers; 280 paddock memory, anti-roll feature eliminating false readings and an automatic calibration feature amongst others.

G1000 Bluetooth Platemeter

The G1000 platemeter connects via Bluetooth the Free App (iOS & Android) that displays and shares all the platemeter readings in a simple and easy to use format. The paddock to be measured is selected from a list on the app and the platemeter readings are automatically recorded. The app displays the grazing wedge and cover data, which can be attached to an email and exported, or sent directly to Agrinet.

The G1000 can also be used without the app with the built in screen showing the KgDM/ha in the same way as the F200 - See G1000 for further details.

What if I want to use Agrinet?

All our range of platemeters will work with Agrinet.
  • The G1000 Bluetooth platemeter comes with an app that automatically synchronises with agrinet.
  • F400 and F300 data can be downloaded into Agrinet via the P-Plus software (provided with the platemeter).
  • F200 and F75 readings can be manually entered into your Agrinet profile

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