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Fairweigh Hectolitre Weigher

Fairweigh Hectolitre Weigher

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Fairweigh Hectolitre Weigher

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A unique low cost Hectolitre (Bushel) test weigher. Ideal as a good guide to Hectolitre weights to enable segregation of crops by Hectolitre Weight
A handheld balance incorporating a 0.5 Litre measuring cup to fill with grain, and a sliding weight with reading given on a calibrated scale.

Also available: Easi-Way Professional Hectolitre Weigher.
How accurate is it?

It’s a good guide to Hectolitre Weight similar to that achieved by Farm level Whole grain Moisture Meters. For Trade description standard refer to the Easi-Way Profesional Hectolitre Weigher.

How do I use it?
  • Scoop up grain with Measuring Cup & level off with balance arm.
  • Do not shake it - this will increase sample density& affect the reading.
  • Slide Scale along until Spirit level shows the balance arm is completely level.
  • Read-off Hectolitre Weight on scale on the side.
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