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Grain Sampling Spear 2m 8 Aperture

Grain Sampling Spear 2m 8 Aperture

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Grain Sampling Spear 2m 8 Aperture

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A 2m grain sampling spear with 8 sequentially opening apertures.

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2m alloy spear with 8 sequentially opening apertures spaced equally up the bottom 1m of the spear.

Technical specifications

Length 2m, O/d 40mm I/d 00mm Average sample size taken at full 2m depth 000g

Also available, 2m Single aperture, 2m 4 apertures and custom made spears
Why should I use a Sequential sampling spear?

Our 8-aperture Sequential spear is designed to take a core of grain 1-Metre long from the point. Being sequential It is the most reliable method of ensuring an even filling into each aperture (ie not blocked by awns, chaff etc.

Will it fit in my Car?

You will need a substantial car or consider the 2m Single aperture spear.
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