Grain Stirrers

The Grain Store Agitator and Stirrer is a light, mobile, hand-operated stirring machine for mixing and aerating grain and seed crops in on- floor stores. Manufactured in Denmark since 2004, the Grain Store Agitator and Stirrer has proved to be efficient at reducing drying and aeration times and reducing energy costs in any floor stored crop. It is now available in a range of four sizes, from 80cm long to 250cm long, with power ratings from 1.1kW up to 4kW with single and three phase motors.

Benefits of the Grain Store Agitator and Stirrer

  • Assists aeration
  • Speeds up drying times
  • Breaks up "crusts"
  • Removes hotspots
  • Proven energy savings
  • Low power requirement
  • Portable and simple to use
  • Used for all crops and seeds

Other Features

Grain Store Agitator and Stirrer
  • All electric motors are mounted with thermal cut out switches to protect from overheating
  • Height adjustable ergonomic handle
  • 80cm Model comes with larger diameter auger suitable for Grass seed as well as other crops
With on- floor store drying and aeration systems, the process of drying the crop can be hampered by the formation of a crust near the surface. This prevents the moist air from rising up through the crop and therefore slows down the drying process. Either more energy is needed to dry the crop, or the crust needs to be broken up. This is where the Grain Store Agitator and Stirrer comes into its own.

Simply sink the stirrer into the grain and let it work while you guide the machine around the store. The special design of the machine hood expels the crop through the front funnel which helps to propel the machine.

In trials in the UK during 2006, the machine was used on a crop of 3 metre deep rape seed in a floor store. Moisture content was at 13% and the farmer was finding it difficult to reduce this further. Once over with the Grain Store Agitator and Stirrer for 2 hours and the moisture content had dropped to 9% within 24 hours.
Technical specifications
  • 80, 120, 180, 250cm stirrer lengths
  • 80cm with wider auger suitable for grass seed - 0.88kw single phase or 1.1Kw three phase
  • 120 and 180cm - 2.2Kw motor, single and three phase
  • 250cm - 4Kw three phase only
Download the Grain Store Agitator and Stirrer Manual (PDF, 429KB - opens in new window)