Hotspot Spears and Fans

Hotspot Spears and Fans

Hotspot Spears and FansOur screw in Hot Spot Spears are constructed from tough, spiral wound, galvanised steel tubing and are available for both oil seed rape and cereals. Our spears feature a unique handle that does not slip when the spear is being wound into the crop. We also carry a offer spiral wound steel tubing and accessories.

Hot Spot Grain Cooling Spear

Our screw-in Hot Spot grain cooling spears now come with an easy to use ‘Anti Slip’ winding handle, making them quicker and even easier to use. The newly designed handle slides through a reinforced top section to ensure absolutely no slippage whilst the spear is being screwed into crops. One handle can be used for multiple spears.

Fans: VBL6/3

Also available: "Trouble Shooter" with smaller holes for Oilseed Rape.