Hydor Belt Drive Fans & Louvres & Cowls

The HV range of fans are available in 6 sizes to suit a range of different applications.This powerful fan produces air volumes up to 20m³/s. Constructed from galvanised steel with a specially designed stainless steel impeller, these fans are extremely hard wearing and robust in application.

The drive mechanism includes sealed for life maintenance free ball bearings, which means low noise and vibration levels. The HV range is available in three variations; wall mounting with shutters, suspension mounting from the roof space or floor mounting with wheels. The HV range are supplied fully assembled with internal and external safety guards or a centrifugal operated backdraught shutter on the external side.

When used to ventilate a grain store or building, we can provide a range of matching air intake louvres to be mounted at the opposite end of the building, as well as weather cowls to protect the fan from weather ingress in extreme conditions.

Hydor Belt Drive Fans & Louvres & Cowls

Technical specifications

HV Belt Drive Axial Fan

(More details available in the downloadable Spec. sheet below)
  • Sizes Available:
    • 800mm 0.75kw
    • 1000mm 0.75Kw
    • 1250mm 1.1Kw
    • 1250mm 1.5Kw
    • 1500mm 1.5Kw
    • 2000mm 1.5Kw
  • Available 3phase and single phase
  • Floor mounted, Hanging versions (ideal for dairy sheds) and versions with automatic weather louvres for shed ventilation.

HV Intake Louvres

Various sizes available to match fan airflows as well as bespoke sizes.

HV Wall Cowls

Sizes available to match HV fans.


Which size fan do I need?

Fan size depends on situation and air change requirements. Please contact us for further information. When used for building ventilation, such as a grain store, we can give accurate recommendations based upon dimensions provided (Shed width, length, height to eaves, roof pitch and grain depth) contact us for further information.

Does Agricultural Supply Services Install the Fans for us?

We supply the fans on a self-fitting basis. The fans come with fitting instructions and are straight forward to self-install. Electrical connections should be undertaken by a qualified electrician.

How can I automate the fan so it works in conjunction with my grain cooling system?

We can supply a range of controllers to ensure the HV fans start when the grain cooling fans are running. Have a look at our CropCool controllers, and Auto Extract systems (which is available but not our website yet - please call for advice) as well as the Evolution Fan with wireless grain store assist. Or contact us for further information.


Download the Hydor HV Belt Drive Axial Fan Spec Sheet (PDF, 564KB - opens in new window)
Download the Hydor HV Intake Louvres Spec Sheet (PDF, 391KB - opens in new window)
Download the Hydor Wall Cowls Spec Sheet (PDF, 438KB - opens in new window)