Hydor Sock System

A Sock Ventilation System supplies fresh air without draughts to all parts of the building to dilute airborne pathogens and irritants. This system is particularly suitable for calf housing, smaller cow sheds and equine facilities.

Features & Benefits of the Hydor Tube Ventilation System

  • Positive air movement
  • Air distribution to the animal’s immediate environment
  • Reduced cases of pneumonia due to improved air quality and even temperature
  • Simple installation
  • Low running costs
  • Up to 100ft tube with holes positioned according to a customer’s requirements
  • Especially designed for the calf house
Extending through the length of the shed above animal height the system provides a constant, positive supply of fresh air to the animal’s immediate location, diluting foul air and ensuring even temperatures irrespective of outside weather conditions.

Dust, cobwebs, condensation, humid atmosphere and damp beds are all a precursor to pneumonia and health problems; furthermore a lack of adequate ventilation leads to a build-up of ammonia and micro-organisms. The Tube Ventilation System has been proven to reduce cases of pneumonia as a result of damp and humid air conditions, particularly in calves.

Hydor Tube Ventilation System

Technical specifications

  • Hydor HXP Plate Fan (450mm or 630mm diameter dependant on sock length)
  • Plastic external weather cowl complete with integral bird mesh
  • Rigid downstream duct/air straightener
  • Catenary wire complete with tensioning turnbuckles
  • Up to 34metre [100feet] tube with holes.
  • Variable speed controller housed in an IP65 enclosure pre wired with 13amp plug.


Does Agricultural Supply Services Install the Sock System for us?
We supply the system on a self-fitting basis. The sock systems come with fitting instructions and are straight forward to self-install. Electrical connections are pre made and just require a 13amp socket for the power.


Download the Hydor Sock Ventilation System Spec Sheet (PDF, 438KB - opens in new window)