Insect Traps for Grainstores

Insect Bait Trap (Pack of 10)

Insect Bait Trap (Pack of 10)

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Insect Bait Trap (Pack of 10)

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A pack of 10 bait traps containing a sterilised mixture of natural food ingredients for Grain storage Insect pests detection in grain stores, designed specifically by Government Body – FERA & approved for use for Red Tractor Farm Assurance Schemes.
For the detection and identification of Grainstorage Beetles & Weevils in empty stores and as an inspection aid at all times of the year in the presence of less palatable foodstuffs. The ingredients are NUT FREE

Technical specifications
Each pack contains an attractant sterilised bait mixture in a mesh trap, sealed in an outer polythene bag. In general use for stores:
  • Up to 250 tonnes capacity – 10 traps
  • Up to 500 tonnes capacity – 20 traps
  • Over 500 tonnes capacity – 30 traps
Are the Insect Bait Traps suitable for use on conventional & organic farms?


Are they re-usable?


Do they have an expiry date?

NO - provided they are kept sealed
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