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Palintest SK200 Soil Fertility Kit - pH, Lime, N, K & P

Palintest SK200 Soil Fertility Kit - pH, Lime, N, K & P

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Palintest SK200 Soil Fertility Kit - pH, Lime, N, K & P

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Gain a comprehensive understanding of overall soil fertility by using this highly portable, fieldsuitable testing kit from Palintest.
Ideal for both agricultural soil testing and extensive soil nutrient studies, this kit includes everything you'll need for determing soil pH, lime requirements and the level of nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous macronutrients present within soil samples.

This portable soil fertility testing kit has been specifically developed to help farmers, crop growers, fertiliser professionals and anyone else interacting with soil to improve crop yield and to ensure that over-fertilisation doesn't take place. Regular testing of your soil can help to improve overall quality, as well as ensuring safe crop growth.

Palintest SK200 Soil Fertility Kit Key Features

  • Portable field testing kit for checking the fertility levels of soil
  • Measure soil pH and lime requirements using the included Soiltester and reagent tablets
  • Calculated the macronutrient content of soil - includes everything needed for testingnitrogen, phosphorous and potassium levels
  • Shoulder-style carrying bag included for easy transportation
  • Specifically designed to help a range of users such as agronomists, farming and fertiliser professionals to improve overall soil quality
What's Included?
  • Soiltester for Soil pH
  • Soiltester for Nitrogen (N) and Phosphorus (P)
  • Double Tube Assembly for Potassium (K)
  • Complete Reagent Set - for 50 tests of soil pH, lime requirement, nitrogen, phosphorousand potassium including extraction and test reagents
  • De-Ionised Water Pack
  • Soil Sample Bags
  • Soil Scoops
  • Filter Funnel and Paper
  • Sample Container/Dilution Tubes
  • Crushing/Stirring Rods
  • Cuvette Brush
  • Shoulder Carrying Bag
Download the Palintest SK200 Soil Fertility Kit Manual (PDF, 145KB - opens in new window)

Download the Palintest Brochure (PDF, 1.5MB - opens in new window)
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