Platemeter Upgrade Kits

Plate Meters for Measuring Grass Cover in Pasture used for Dairy and Sheep Grazing. Buy our popular F75 Platemeter today

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Platemeter Upgrade Kits

£300.00 ex VAT
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Thinking of changing your Platemeter?

Why not upgrade your current AgHub/Farmworks Platemeter with one of our Upgrade Kits!
Upgrading your existing platemeter can be a cost effective way to get the latest technology without having to compromise your existing investment.
Upgrade your F75 to F200 spec, or your F300/F400 to G1000 spec for example.

The Upgrade kits use the interchangeable platemeter counter meaning any existing AgHub/Farmworks platmeter can be upgraded to your chosen specification. (Other makes of platemeters can be converted, please contact us.)

We offer 3 upgrade kits containing the necessary parts to convert your existing platemeter to F200, F300 or G1000 Specifications.

Once you have ordered the upgrade kit, your existing platmeter should be returned to us (instructions sent with order confirmation) and we will supply the parts, change the counter, and service and calibrate the platmeter before it is despatched.

Technical specification
  • F200: F200 counter, Back Clamp, Slide tube (if converting from F75), Charger, PPlus software and Instructions
  • F300: F200 counter, Back Clamp, Slide tube (if converting from F75), Charger, USB Cable, PPlus software and Instructions
  • G1000: G1000 Counter, Back Clamp, Slide tube (if converting from F75), USB Cable (for charging) Instructions and Link for FREE App
Can I fit the counter myself?

We can supply the upgrade kits for self-fitting however the platemeter will need careful calibration once assembled and no warranty can be given unless returned to us for fitting which is included in the price.
Do get in touch with us if you would like us to help you or if you have any questions about our services and products.

Call us on 01452 741 112 or email

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