Our range of Platemeters provides a simple, yet effective method of measuring grass cover in grazing pasture. Especially popular with UK, Irish & European dairy, sheep and beef farmers, the platemeter for grass is able to operate in most weather conditions and this quality product is cost effective and reliable.

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Grasshopper G2 Platemeter      FEFT52 Grant Aided
RRP: £925.00
£875.00 ex VAT
F200 Neo Platemeter
RRP: £485.00
£450.00 ex VAT
G1000 Neo Bluetooth Platemeter
RRP: £775.00
£725.00 ex VAT

Why You Need a Platemeter!

The best solution to improving farm profitability is to produce more from what you can grow best at HOME– ie Grass.
  • Your grass on your Farm is your Cheapest & most versatile feed.
  • Effective management can increase your grass yields by 15-30%.
Using a Platemeter to measure grass regularly, animals can be turned into and, as importantly, out of the fields at the right time, as per AHDB advice. This ensures you can avoid both over and under grazing - both of which can result in lower yields.

Originating from low cost New Zealand Dairy farming, Platemeters are now well-established in the UK. They give an accurate weekly indication of grass available in KgDM/Ha (Kilograms of dry matter per hectare) for all grazing platforms, in which order to graze and which to conserve.

F200, F300 and F400 Digital models come with FREE P-Plus Software for record keeping + the important Grazing Wedge. Historical data can also be viewed to determine how each paddock is performing and might be improved.

With low Milk, Beef & Lamb prices, it’s essential to maximise your Own Farm Resources. Platemeters help you grow grass as a crop – like Maize/Wheat/Barley etc.

Improve Grazing Efficiency – Budget Feed Costs – Increase Profitability

Platemeters measure average grass Height & Density, showing yield in KgDM/Ha.
  • Sward Assessment – Platemeters are the most accurate way of assessing the best time to let cows into & remove from pastures
  • Sward Budgeting - To Plan Grazing availability ahead of time & make the most of grazed grass over the entire grazing season.

What are the Benefits?

Accurate measurements with a Platemeter enables the farmer: -

To grow Grass Efficiently, Harvest it & Feed it efficiently

Advisers indicate 15-30% efficiency improvements & much improved grassland management, improving feed cost budgeting & better fertiliser placement. Grazed grass is the cheapest form of forage & the key to improving profitability in any Livestock enterprise.

EXPORT Enquiries

We export to All EU Countries - including Eire, France, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Scandanavia etc.

Export to Other Countries also welcome Carriage Cost to all Countries is by Quotation.

About the Platemeter App

The Platemeter app gives you fast and easy access to everything you need to know about the grass growing on your farm.

The Platemeter app was developed to use with the G1000 Platemeter and easily connects to your Platemeter each time you use it.

Instead of calculating formulas and entering them yourself, just select the formulas that apply to your farm and the app will break down your walk data into metrics that are easy to read and understand. You can also view, edit and share you data instantly.

With a few taps of the screen you can adjust the feed wedge for the feed demand which is useful in spring when pasture growth rates vary significantly from week to week and the demand is constantly changing with the number of stock.

If you manage multiple farms, the pasture composition may vary, but the Platemeters app lets you set up multiple farms, each with it's own unique features and formulas.

Download free app today at:

App features:

  • Use on both Apple and Android devices
  • Free no ongoing fees or licencing
  • Connects quickly and easily with your Platemeter on Apple and Android devices
  • Captures and stores individual in paddock measurements
  • Provides easy and quick to use average coverage metrics per paddock
  • Quickly share information feed wedge and pasture ranking reports, directly from the paddock
  • Easily change variables for regional specific measurement and improved accuracy throughout the season
  • Access historic data for easy pasture walk comparison to previous months/years
  • Use manually with any Pasturemeter or ‘eyeometer’.

App FAQs:

What is the cost of the App?
It’s completely FREE with no ongoing cost or licencing fees.

Can I use the new platemeter without the App?
Yes, the Platemeter will operate out of the box and provide dry matter metric for the paddock.

Why use the App?
  • It’s free and it easy to use
  • The app removes the need to write any information down
  • Automated reporting for each farm walk including the feed wedge and the paddock ranking report
  • You can choose from a number of DairyNZ recommended regional specific dry matter correction factors which will significantly add to the accuracy of your metrics
Can I use the App with my old platemeter
Yes – you’ll need to enter the per paddock coverage or dry matter metrics manually into the app and it will give you the ability to share the feed wedge and paddock ranking reports and view the history.

Can I use the App with another brand of plate meter?
Yes – you’ll need to enter the per paddock coverage or dry matter metrics manually into the app and it will give you the ability to share the feed wedge and paddock ranking reports and view the history.
Or you can upgrade your old Platemeter to a G1000 by purchasing a new counter.