Polycool Grain Pedestals

Polycool Maxi Pedestal

Polycool Maxi Pedestal
Polycool Maxi Pedestal Polycool Maxi Pedestal Polycool Maxi Pedestal Polycool Maxi Pedestal

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Polycool Maxi Pedestal

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Polycool plastic grain pedestals; designed for crop cooling.

Polycool Maxi Pedestal - for storage depths over 5m

Maxi Polycool Grain & Crop Pedestal

Technical specifications

5.35 overall height
2m x 450mm base, + 0.35 reducing cone, + 3x 1m of 200mm Metal Top Pipe, Top Cap

Fans: VBW9

What depth of Grain should I use the Maxi Pedestal?

Certainly from 5.5M depth or above, we have supplied up to 8.5M depth

What is the Top Pipe Diameter?

Standard Top pipe is 200mm metal onto heavy duty PolyCool 2M. Base & Re-enforced Reducing Cone. 50mm plastic can also be supplied

Which Fan size should I use?

Mostly Farmers use the 2.2Kw VBW9 Fan fitted on 200mm Top pipe. If however 150mm Top pipe is used, this is OK provided a 1.1Kw Fan is dedicated to each Pedestal. These are lighter and reduces need of having to move fans from Pedestal to Pedestal.

How many pedestals do I need?

Pedestal numbers and spacing all depends on storage depth and shed dimensions - Please contact us for a recommendation.
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