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Quanturi Wireless Temperature Probe System

Quanturi Wireless Temperature Probe System
Quanturi Wireless Temperature Probe System Quanturi Wireless Temperature Probe System Quanturi Wireless Temperature Probe System Quanturi Wireless Temperature Probe System

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Quanturi Wireless Temperature Probe System

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For Remote access Temperature Monitoring to Mobile Phone or PC.

Ideal for Compost & Recyclable Materials - To help comply with Temperature Measurement Requirements.
The wireless Tango XN temperature probes provide real-time and continuous temperature monitoring to optimize the biowaste transformation process into compost.

Our technology assures you a gain in productivity from continuous monitoring of your compost all along the fermentation phases. The Quanturi system ensures the traceability of your compost, its quality and its consistency with the regulations in force.

You can generate reports and have a complete view of the composting process from the temperature history. Setting temperature thresholds also allows you to receive phone alerts to proceed accordingly. Temperature monitoring is done via a computer or smartphone.

Key Features:

  • Real time and continuous temperature monitoring
  • Durable and well visible yellow wireless probes
  • Increased traceability towards a HACCP approach
  • Compatibility with all installation configurations: composting platforms and digestate management
  • Remote monitoring of several composting platforms
  • Compliance with hygienisation phases of compost (torque t° / tps as for example 55 °C / 72h or 70 °C / 1h or 65 °C / 7j or 55 °C / 14j according to the biomass)
  • Compliance with the Rottegrad test during maturation (stabilization of t° <40 °C)
  • Prevention of fire risk caused by self-heating
  • Prevention of work accidents by minimizing involvements in compost heaps.

Typical requirement:

4 x 1M. Quanturi Wireless Temperaure Probes - very Robust
1 x GPRS Stations with SimCard

Quanturi Annual Subscription Services:
  • Temperature history for each probe for one year
  • Probe location registering in virtual compost heaps
  • SMS alarms with adjustable alarm levels sent to 3 phone numbers
  • Logbook for notes
  • Data extraction
  • SIM Card Subscription
  • Software update
System capable of handling large numbers of Temperature Probes.
Extras if required
Wireless Temperature Probes
Repeater (if needed)
Download the Quanturi Wireless Temperature Probe System Datasheet  (PDF, 672KB - opens in new window)

Download the Quanturi Wireless Temperature Probe System Brochure  (PDF, 2.6MB - opens in new window)
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