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Scarecrow 360° 6 Speaker Bird Scarer

Scarecrow 360° 6 Speaker Bird Scarer
Scarecrow 360° 6 Speaker Bird Scarer Scarecrow 360° 6 Speaker Bird Scarer Scarecrow 360° 6 Speaker Bird Scarer Scarecrow 360° 6 Speaker Bird Scarer

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Scarecrow 360° 6 Speaker Bird Scarer

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Scarecrow 360° combines the Scarecrow 180° with a 3-speaker "slave" unit. Scarecrow is a well researched bio-acoustic bird dispersal system using natural species distress calls to create an environment appearing ‘hostile’ to birds. Works equally well in the field or in buildings, feed passageways and silage clamps.

Good examples of Effective control:
Pigeons on OSR - Crows attacking Silage Clamps - Starlings in Feed Passages/Livestock sheds.
They are highly effective as you can change the Distress Calls to a different bird call setting that will also alarm that particular Pest species.
e.g.. - Starlings are easily frightened by other bird species such as Seagulls, Birds of Prey Bird Calls etc. etc.
Starlings are easily frightened by Seagulls as they take young Starling Chicks.
Most birds get used to Banger type Bird Scarers after 2-3weeks.
Scarecrow 360° is a fully automatic, standalone, random play system that is able to work without human intervention. It can be powered from 15v DC (100v/250) ac mains power, leisure battery, or solar power.

There is a built in key pad to control the settings on the system, and it has an optional security pin access feature for additional safety. It is fitted with a built-in adjustable light sensor and includes 10 standard distress calls.

Scarecrow 360° combines the Scarecrow 180° coupled with a Scarecrow "slave" unit to create a system that provides 360° dispersal. This can be mounted on a 1m or 2m pole that sits on a base.

Both the Scarecrow 180° and the "slave" unit have 3 built-in speakers, the Scarecrow 360° system therefore combines a total of 6 build-in speakers, and by using variable volume and alternation between the speakers creates a natural perception of predator movement.

Technical specifications 

System includes: Main unit, Power Supply (mains / battery), U clamp for pole mounting, 1 x Connection Cable; connection from 360 unit to 180 unit

Controls: Key pad control for Power on / off, volume up / down, light sensor, re-enforce and severe broadcasting, and distress call selection
  • Distress Calls: 10 standard calls: Herring Gull, Black Headed Gull, Starling, Rook, Crow, Pigeon, Jackdaw, Canada Goose 1 & 2, Birds of Prey (Call exchanges available)
  • Power Requirements: 12-15vdc, 100-250vac (12v 80Ah Leisure Battery), or solar power (Solar powering this requires the purchase of our Solar Option)
  • Dimensions: 340 x 220 x 250mm each
  • Weight: 7kg each
  • Mounting Bracket: 50mm U Clamp for mounting on scaffold pole, or units can be wall mounted
  • IP Rating: IP55
  • Audio Output Power: 25 watts
  • Effective Operating Distance: The Scarecrow 180° can cover up to 20,000sq metres (dependent on wind direction and ambient conditions). When adding the "slave" unit to create the Scarecrow 360° system, this increases to up to 40,000 sq. metres.
Warranty: Standard 12 month return to base warranty
I have starlings in my feed passage ways, will this work?

YES! In our experience Starlings are very effectively deterred. Additionally Starlings are very unhappy in the presence of Rooks & Crows, & Seagulls. By using randomised Rooks, Crows, Seagulls & Birds of Prey distress calls also proves highly effective against Starlings.

Is effective against Pigeons on Oilseed Rape?

Scarecrow is very effective against Pigeons in a wide range of Environments & has deterred Pigeons up to 1½ miles. However it is important to read the instructions. Adding in the randomised Rook & Crow calls can be even more effective.

How about Rooks & Crows?

Certainly we have had many good reports of deterrent effect in a wide range of circumstances - such as discouraging Crows pecking plastic at Silage Clamps, OR knocking down Cereal crops near to Harvest.

Will Birds become ‘immune’ to the bird scarer?

Birds recognise their distress calls at volumes they are accustomed to producing. Follow the instructions. Set volume at minimum level & gradually increase to most effective level, mainly between 2-3. It is better to ‘randomise’ other distress calls with your intended targets than increase volume.

Can a Scarecrow be supplied with both Mains & Battery Leads?


How about Mounting Equipment?

These can be supplied to customer where needed.
Download the Scarecrow 180/360 Manual (PDF, 221KB - opens in new window)
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