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Soil Master Kit

Soil Master Kit

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Soil Master Kit

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The Solvita Soil Master Kit is a perfectionist means to accurately sample and measure soil microbial respiration in fresh field soil that is intentionally sampled with a minimum of disturbance to observe and quantify actual field microbial activity. The procedure reveals “basal” respiration which is normal background microbial activity.

Complete Kit with DCR Field Unit, 25 CO2 probes, soil knife, soil sieve, thermometer, jars and digital balance. Packaged in a rugged, easy-to-carry case.

Measuring soil respiration with recently sampled soil that is minimally-processed provides vital information regarding actual behavior of soil biology under real field conditions.  The Soil Master Kit is specially designed to obtain a realistic indication of soil microbial activity.

The application is specifically designed for obtaining and preparing samples by minimal disturbance by use of a soil-knife instead of corer and a coarse-sieve for gentle homogenizing of soil. To complete the field-environmental/ecological package a soil thermometer is supplied to document actual field soil temperature.  An on-line calculator at enables correcting field sample respiration to any other field temperature and moisture condition.

Note:This field test application provides important, complementary information to “CO2-Burst” respiration carried out on dried, ground soils in a laboratory. CO2-Burst reveals potential respiration and may be 2-5 times higher than actual field rates. Soil Master is ideal for soil conservationists, farmers and soil-ecologists.

Contents: Included in the test kit package are:

  • Field Digital Color Reader (Green DCR)
  • 25 Soil CO2 Probes (introductory package)
  • Miniature Digital Scale for range of 0 -1000g soil
  • Soil Knife (Stainless Steel) and Soil Thermometer
  • Standard Coarse Soil Sieve (1/4 inch)
  • Soil Wire Brush for cleaning sieve without water
  • 3 Incubation Jars (polystyrene 475 ml with lids affixed with gas-tight gaskets)
  • USB Cable and Jump Drive with Solvita Reader Software and drivers
  • Instruction Manual with interpretation guide
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