Underflow Pedestal System

Underflow - Vertical Crop Ventilation

Underflow - Vertical Crop Ventilation Pedestal ventilation is a great low cost system that has successfully cooled crops for 40 years.

Underflow opens up pedestal ventilation to users who had previously not considered a vertical ventilation system. Underflow ventilation, is the perfect option for new build grain stores or can be retro fitted into channels. Utilising either industry leading Polycool or Metalcool pedestal ventilation towers, they vent from air ducts situated below the floor, with fans positioned outside of the grain store wall.
  • Suits overhead conveyor filled stores
  • Higher airflow via underflow ventilation
  • Easy to position and move fans
  • Pedestals more secure when filling
  • No top pipe
  • For new build grain stores or retro fit
  • Warm air expelled out of store
Pedestal ventilation has successfully cooled crops for over 40 years. It is a proven great low cost system, however for deep stores pedestals can become unstable and moving of fans has been a longstanding challenge, especially whilst walking over the top of the crop.

Working with our customers we have developed Polycool Underflow, a system ideal for integration into new build grain stores or retro fitting into channels dug in to existing floors and skimmed over.

Airflow is increased from the stored crop as the air moves underneath via the floor ventilation and to the outside of the store.

Suitable for use with Metalcool or Polycool Pedestals and with fans fitted to the outside of the store, moving fans to ventilate other areas of the stockpile is simple.

For conveyor filled stores all pre-installed pedestals remain stable and in place. As there are no top pipes, the risk of filling ventilation channels is removed, making filling the store a hassle free process.

Underflow is suitable for most grain stores found in the UK.

As fans are positioned on the outside of the building, all the warm air is removed, out of the grain store.
v Using a majority of standard building materials, which are easy to purchase, the costs of the overall installation are kept to a minimum