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Unimeter Digital Grinding Moisture Meter

Unimeter Digital Grinding Moisture Meter
Unimeter Digital Grinding Moisture Meter Unimeter Digital Grinding Moisture Meter Unimeter Digital Grinding Moisture Meter Unimeter Digital Grinding Moisture Meter

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Unimeter Digital Grinding Moisture Meter

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A handheld Grinding Type moisture meter, complete with Handle, Cleaning Brushes & Case.

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Unimeter Calibrated by the Manufacturers in Finland


Calibrated using Openfields Oven Tested Samples - FREE Calibration Test Certificate for Wheat, Barley & Oilseed Rape included.

Our most popular Moisture Meter!

The Unimeter Digital Moisture Meter is calibrated by the manufacturers in Finland. You are also able to purchase one which has been Calibrated using Openfields Oven Tested Samples for the forthcoming harvest for Wheat, Barley, and Oilseed Rape, to meet Farm Assurance test specification. Additional check test samples available for Peas, Beans, Oats and Linseed.

Features of the Unimeter Digital Grinding Moisture Meter:
  • Rapid measurements
  • Average calculation of up to last 4 measurements
  • Easy to calibrate against reference analyzer
  • Individual offset adjustment on each crop
  • Display of battery voltage
  • Accuracy +/- 0,5 % of grain moisture
  • Bright and easy to read LCD display
  • Adjustable display contrast
Technical specification
  • Measurement technique – Resistance
  • Grinding mill in hardened steel Cabinet: cast aluminum
  • Offset adjustment ± 10 % on each crop
  • Display contrast Adjustable in 100 steps.
  • Temperature range: 0°C - S0°C
  • Battery: 9 Volt Alkaline
  • Weight: 2 Kg
Standard calibrations measuring ranges:
  • Barley 10 -30 % Winter barley 10 - 30 %
  • Wheat 10 - 30 % Buckwheat 10 - 30 %
  • Oats 10,5 - 35 % Rye 10 - 30 %
  • Rice 10 -30 % Triticale 10,5 - 35 %
  • Peas 10 - 28 % Corn 11- 50 %
  • Beans 10 - 28 % Rapeseed (Canola) 6 - 25 %
  • Sunflower 6 - 25 % Linseed 6 - 28 %
  • White Mustard 6 - 28 % Red Clover 8 - 33 %
  • White Clover 7 - 40% Ryegrass 10 - 30 %

Why should I purchase a Unimeter Digital?

Farmers Weekly reported the Unimeter Digital as best value Moisture Meter on-the-market. We get Openfields to check-calibrate all new Unimeters and issue a FREE Red Tractor Calibration Certificate. The Unimeters are ‘Harvest Ready’
Purchasing a Unimeter saves 40% compared to some leading Grinding type Moisture Meters - It provides accuracy combined with excellent value-for money.

Can Unimeter be used in the field & at the store?

It is ideal for both field use (due to smaller sample size) as well as store use.

Is it Accurate and easy to use?

As accurate and easy to use as most other quality Grinding types. We also offer Wile 78 with grinder.

Is it easy to re-calibrate?

Very easy, either yourself or at a Moisture Meter Clinic. We can also supply Calibration check test samples for self-calibration.

What back-up is available?

We supply full advice, prompt back-up & repair service. Please use our Service Repair Form
Download the Unimeter Digital Grain Moisture Tester Manual (PDF, 303KB - opens in new window)

Download the Unimeter Service Request Form (PDF, 101KB - opens in new window)
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