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Wile 78 Grinding Moisture Meter

Wile 78 Grinding Moisture Meter
Wile 78 Grinding Moisture Meter Wile 78 Grinding Moisture Meter Wile 78 Grinding Moisture Meter Wile 78 Grinding Moisture Meter

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Wile 78 Grinding Moisture Meter

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The Wile 78 Grinding Moisture Meter is the top of the range model that measures 21 grains and seeds specific to each country.

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Wile78 Calibrated by the Manufacturers  


Wile 78 Independently checked for us by Openfields Grain Laboratory - FREE Calibration Test Certificate for Wheat, Barley & OSR included.

A handheld Grinding Type moisture meter, complete with Handle, Cleaning Brushes & Case

Additionally Calibrated for Harvest By Openfield for Wheat, Barley + Oilseed Rape with Farm Assurance Certificate included.

Features of the Wile 78 Moisture Meter
  • Improved Interactive LCD Back-lit Display
  • Improved scale selection
  • Displays Moisture, average, temperature at the same time
  • 21 Pre-Programmed scales
  • Automatic Temperature compensation
  • Accurate ground moisture measurement
  • Small sample size required (9 or 18ml)
  • 20 second single action grinding / measurement
  • Robust Carry Case
  • Hard and soft brush for cleaning the measuring chamber between samples
  • 9v Battery
  • Instructions
Technical specification
  • Measurement technique - Resistance
  • Results in less than 20 seconds
  •  Interactive LCD display in user’s own language
  •  Automatic temperature compensation
  •  Wide moisture range 3%..40%, dependent on the grain
  • Specially coated teeth for longer life
  • Ergonomically designed cap
  • Specially coated teeth for longer life

What is the difference between Wile 78 & Unimeter Digital?
  • The Wile 78 is a more recent design of moisturmeter, however it uses the same measurement technology.
  • The compact and ergonomic design of the Wile 78 makes it easy to carry around such as in the combine cab.
  • Some people find Wile78 grinding mechanism easier than the Unimeter due to the longer and finer screw thread. 
Download the Wile 78 User Manual (PDF, 254KB - opens in new window)

Download the Wile 78 Servicing Request Form (PDF, 101KB - opens in new window)
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