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Windmate 300 Anemometer

Windmate 300 Anemometer
Windmate 300 Anemometer

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Windmate 300 Anemometer

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The Windmate 300 Anemometer is a robust quality anemometer, giving quick accurate wind speed, direction, temperature and Relative Humidity readings as well as calculating wind chill, dew point and Accuweather comfort index with built in compass.
Main features of the Windmate 300 Anemometer:
  • Current, Average & maximum Wind Speed
  • Digital Wind Direction and compass points
  • Cross & head/tail wind readings
  • Temperature (C and F)
  • Windchill
  • Digital Compass
  • Relative Humidity
  • Wet Bulb
  • Dewpoint - Delta T
  • Calculates AccuWeather Comfort Index- effect of temperature, wind speed, relative humidity and sun intensity on the human body for a superior human based reference to Heat Index.
  • Calculates head wind, tail wind, and cross wind
  • Sturdy Handgrip on Military strength case
  • Wind vane ensures that you are aligned to wind's axis
  • Very accurate, Tripod fitting
  • Jack-knife case
  • Water resistant

Technical specifications

+/- 3% Accuracy
Powered by CR2032 Lithium battery
What is the benefit of this model?

For farmers who also wish to check Humidity for running Crop Storage Fans.
Download the Windmate Manual (PDF, 223KB - opens in new window)
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